Since its beginnings in 1953, there has always been a difference at Marlette Homes. That difference? Quality construction and customer satisfaction, a difference that has distinguished Marlette Homes from the rest of the industry.

The company was started in an old converted lumber yard in Marlette, Michigan by Earl Swett, the “Father of Manufactured Housing Standards”, and his partners Charlie Ballard and Paul Riedle. But these modest circumstances belied the distinctive quality of the product that was generated even in those days.

Swett earned his reputation as a quality trendsetter by being an influential voice and an energetic advocate for premium product construction and consumer protection throughout those early years and beyond. He pioneered Marlette Homes in its efforts to advance electrical, heating, cooling, and plumbing standards ahead of its competitors. Our many satisfied customers, even then, commonly referred to Marlette Homes as “The Cadillac” of the industry.

Lewistown, PA

Word began to spread about Marlette Homes’ quality and attention to detail from satisfied customers and in 1964, Marlette Homes opened its first expansion plant in Lewistown, PA. With its central location in the state, a highly skilled and energetic workforce and a strong desire to offer affordable housing to the Northeast, the Lewistown plant quickly flourished into a leader in the manufactured housing industry throughout Pennsylvania and surrounding states. Today, the Lewistown facility continues to offer high quality homes at an affordable price from Maine to Virginia, Ohio to Massachusetts by using practices and procedures that allow us to fulfil our commitment to you. Marlette Homes Lewistown… Designed for Living… Built for Life!